Cost of shipping

Our shipping frees are the same worldwide.Free international shipping on all orders of 3900JPY or more.

For orders less than 3900JPY, we charge by 500JPY.


Customes duties and taxes.

Taxes are no need to international shipping.

Customes duties very depending on your country. If you have to pay a custom duty, you will be required to pay the duty when you receive your order.

Rates of customs duties on tea leaves.

・United States - no duty.

・Australia - no duty.

・Canada - no duty up to 60 Canadian doller.

・United kingdom - no duty up to 32 Pound. (3.2% over 32 Pound)

・European Union - no duty up to 45 Euro. (3.2% over 45 Euro)

・Brazill - no duty up to 50 US dollar. (10% over 50 US dollar)

・Singapore - no duty.

・Taiwan - no duty up to 300 TW. (19.4% over 300 TW)

・China - no duty up to 1000 Yuan. (15% over 1000 Yuan)

・United Arab Emirates - no duty.

・Korea - no duty up to 150000 Won. (513.6% over 150000 Won)


Prohibit importing

Only a few countries prohibit importing tea leaves.